soc 101 introduction to sociology


This course is designed to study different theories and methods used within sociology and cover a broad spectrum of topics using critical sociological perspectives.  Topics covered in this course are the sociological approach, the individual in society, the study of society, social institutions, and human agency. 


  1. Recognize components of arguments, types of arguments and validity and soundness of arguments.
  2. Distinguish correct from fallacious forms of reasoning
  3. Analyze and critique both inductive and deductive arguments
  4. Learn to recognize propaganda and efforts at manipulation
  5. Learn to think consciously and deliberately and skillfully in ways that transform oneself
  6. Learn to apply critical thinking to all areas of life to improve and enhance it




Sociology: A Global Perspective (9th Ed.)

Publisher: Cengage (2015)

Author(s): Ferrante, J.

ISBN: 978-1285-7-46463

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