University Advisory Board

The University Advisory Board consists of accomplished professionals with backgrounds related to the areas of emphasis at the University of Riverside. The objective of the board is to assist us in achieving our vision of becoming a nationally and internationally recognized leader in education.
The purpose of the University Advisory Board is to:

  • Understand and promote the mission and vision of the University and its needs,
  • Provide both academic/ industry perspective to all activities of the University,
  • Identify issues important to the future of the University,
  • Provide guidance, counsel, and recommendations,
  • Review curriculum for relevance and research for purpose and progress,
  • Provide assistance and support in all forms, and
  • Review University plans and provide insight into approaches of competitive institutions.

University Advisory Board Members:

Dr. Nick Sherwin
Dr. Nidhi Shah
Dr. Henrietta Okoro
Dr. Terseer Hemben
Dr. Alyncia Bowen

Dr. Ernesto Escobedo