University of Phoenix

Paul Mahajan is the producer, director, and the writer of an educational movie ‘DISSERTATION’(HD) of 2005. Paul has produced an ‘A Promo-Trailer’, ‘HIDDEN TRUTH’ (2007) with the vision of making this feature film in two languages: ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Bollywood’. In addition, Paul is the author of the novel ‘COLIN OF GOD’ (2000), the author of the poetry book ‘HEART SPEAKS’ (2003), and the author of children’s book (Ages 7-10), ‘RYAN: The Angel’ (2005). Paul is a member of the ‘Association of the Motion Pictures & TV Programme Producers’ (AMPTPP) of Mumbai, India since 2005. Paul is the director of PROCUREMENT (PM) SOLUTIONS, LLC, originally founded in 2004 in LA County, CA. The company is a business consulting firm and a trainer for certification programs such as ISO (International Organizations for Standards). Paul is the President/CEO of the PSM Productions, Inc, an entertainment company produces films for educational and theatrical purposes. Paul has worked in commercial sectors, including aerospace, automotive, and movie screen manufacturing companies in the management and procurement fields for 20 years. Paul has earned his doctoral degree in the ‘Organizational Management and Leadership’ the DM (Doctor of Management) from the University of Phoenix. In addition, Paul is pursuing a  Ph. D in Business Administration- International Management at the University of Riverside. Paul is an Adjunct professor  at the University of La Verne and the University of Riverside in California.