This course examines how to manage human resources effectively in the dynamic legal, social, and economic environment currently constraining organizations. Among the topics included are: formulation and implementation of human resource strategy, job analysis, methods of recruitment and selection, techniques for training and development, performance appraisal, compensation and benefits, and the evaluation of the effectiveness of HRM systems.


  1. Discuss Gap analysis as an approach to provisional planning       
  2. Explain SWOT analysis as an approach to assessing organizational preparedness 
  3. Identify the technical skills and job attributes in a new employee
  4. Ascertain ways to identify and assess any and all prospective candidates
  5. Discuss interview as the primary source of information about applicants
  6. Discuss job reference as the most efficient way to learn about dependability.
  7. Discuss how to assess ability to get along with other coworkers.
  8. Discuss how to have insight into educational background and communication skills.
  9. Discuss how to make reasonable accommodations for any applicant with a disability
  10. Review required quarters for veterans and disabled veterans
  11. Discuss how an employer can outsmart competitors using basic pay
  12. Discuss how incentive pay can inspire employees to set and achieve a higher performance level.
  13. Discuss Stock OptionsDiscuss Bonuses in general
  14. Discuss who has primary responsibility for developing employees.
  15. Discuss the supervisor's responsibilities in developing employees
  16. Discuss continuous improvement in a workplace
  17. Discuss information acquisition to set career goals and achieve them
  18. Review
  19. Review HR Software – Compare Prices
  20. Review Top-Rated HR Software
  21. Review
  22. Review research and audit




Human Resource Management (12th  ed.)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education  (2012)

Author: Ivancevich, J., & Konopaste, R.

ISBN: 9780078029127

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