Gen 102 lifelong learning skills


This course examines learning theory and models, principles of communication skills, group processes, and personal management. Students will develop strategies for learning to succeed at the University of Riverside.


  1. Assess their own values, interests, skills, and personality and be able to make relevant connections to the world of work and career fields.
  2. Develop and apply sound decision-making skills in choosing career options. Broaden their knowledge of the world of work and the impact of globalization, market trends, economy and technology.
  3. Write a targeted and focused résumé to effectively market oneself.
  4. Interview in a professional and authentic style. Document and showcase the unique contribution they can make to an organization.
  5. Identify 2-3 career theories and how they impact your career choices.




Creating Career Success (11th Ed.)

Publisher: Cengage (2014)

Author(s): Fabricant, F., Miller, J., Stark, D.

ISBN: 978-1133313908

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