eng 102 foundations of research writing


The main objective of this course is to enhance the writing skills and provide knowledge about how to write academic papers. Due emphasis is placed on methods of attribution, i.e. the scholarly and proper use of citations


  1. Use research methods to locate and record accurate, valid information relevant to an academic research project;
  2.  Be able to judge the value of the information you use including distinguishing between primary and secondary sources;
  3.  Effectively synthesize source information into your writing with the use of quotes, paraphrasing and summarizing;
  4.  Use a standard research documentation format (APA for the purpose of this class) in your completed research paper;
  5. Demonstrate college-level critical thinking skills in analyzing and interpreting research information, and by successfully supporting your research thesis on paper and in presentation;
  6. Meet several assignment deadlines throughout the course




Research Papers (16th Ed.)

Publisher: Cengage (2013)

Author(s): Coyle, W. & Law, J.

ISBN: 978-1111-8-39512

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