University of Phoenix

Cynthia Lindsay has served as a professional nurse for 30 years. As an Army nurse, she learned to be all that she could be. Her pursuit of education has taught her to soar on wings like eagles. Her goal as a nurse leader is to facilitate students in pursuing their educational goals and challenging them to pursue a passion for lifelong learning. She loves communicating with students and sharing personal experiences that motivate them to strive to meet a standard of excellence, by aligning their personal goals with their professional goals, taking advantage of opportunities, and keeping a positive attitude despite obstacles and setbacks. She recently served as the Nursing Program Administrator for the University of Phoenix. Her responsibilities included: participation in the selection, assessment, certification, mentoring, evaluation and training of campus faculty; supervision of lead faculty area chairs and instructors assigned to the college of nursing; developed and maintained strong relationships by serving as a program resource for campus staff, faculty, and students, as well as a liaison to central administrative academic affairs staff; responding to student issues, and concerns, and counsels them into other university programs as necessary. She currently work as a consultant representing educational organization as appropriate in their relationship with the community by participating in targeted events, conferences, meetings, and workshops. This includes developing and maintaining active linkages with agencies and educational institutions to promote positive relationships and to facilitate articulation between university’s programs and those of other institutions and/or agencies. She maintains a professional and technical knowledge of the nursing curricula by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, and participating in professional societies. Previous professional experience includes nearly 30 years of working as a professional nurse in critical care, medical/surgical, rehabilitation, hospice, and the Army Nurse Corp. Cynthia Lindsay has an EDD with a focus on curriculum development and an MSN/Ed from the University of Phoenix. She received her BSN from California State University, Los Angeles.