This course gives students the opportunity to improve their ability to communicate effectively as managers. Also, this course examines the communication strategies and skills that are essential for your success in business. .


  1. List components and expectations of graduate programs.
  2. Develop questions to critically evaluate information and data.
  3. Identify writing strategies and resources for written communication. 
  4. Assess effective oral communication skills.
  5. Plan and implement strategies for managing Learning Team dynamics. 
  6. Develop research strategies
  7. Develop skills to do library research.
  8. Identify the major types of electronic information sources
  9. Create time and stress management strategies.
  10. Complete a self-assessment and commitment survey
  11. Deliver presentation using Microsoft® PowerPoint®.
  12. Demonstrate critical thinking skills by asking analytical questions.
  13. Conduct data gathering interview
  14. Develop communication skills.
  15. Interpret the data collected from interviews
  16. Demonstrate critical thinking skills by asking analytical questions.
  17. Demonstrate oral communication skills.
  18. Demonstrate interviewing skills requiring critical thinking skills.
  19. Deliver a written reaction paper based on interviews.
  20. Demonstrate analytical skills by comparing and contrasting reaction to interviews.




Contemporary Business Communication (8th ed.)

Publisher: Cengage South Western  (2012)

Author: Newman, A. & Ober, S. 

ISBN: 9781111533168

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