Information Resource Management:  This course covers basic principles of managing information technology projects as well as the management of the information technology department and its function as a "business within the business". The course includes a project that synthesizes the content developed throughout the curriculum.


  1. Define the relationship of information to organizations in general, and to the Information Technology (IT) organization in particular; and review the role of typical IT functions in a firm
  2. Identify how the IT strategy is used to guide the actions of the functional organization and how a strategy is maintained
  3. Define the planning horizon and how strategic, tactical, and operational plans fit into it
  4. Identify the elements of both the project life cycle and project management as related to project proposals and requests for proposals
  5. Analyze the elements of planning for all IT resources, including equipment, space, people, and money
  6. Analyze the characteristics of strategic systems, competitive forces, and the strategic impact associated with information technology
  7. Identify how the IT strategy is used to guide the actions of the organization and how a strategy is maintained
  8. Identify issues associated with outsourcing and describe how it works
  9. Evaluate the current trends in hardware, software, and telecommunications and the impact of these trends on organizations and all managers, including IT managers
  10. Analyze the growth and development of local and wide area networks in modern organizations
  11. Identify why managers must understand ERP
  12. Benefits of implementing ERP and trends
  13. Review knowledge Management Applications and Associated Benefits
  14. Understand Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management
  15. Review Best Practices for Selling and Implementing Knowledge Management Project
  16. Define Enterprise Architecture and why Enterprise Architecture is important
  17. What is Ethics and how to Improve Corporate Ethics
  18. Review Cybercrime and Computer Security




Information Technology for Managers (2nd ed.)

Publisher: Cengage Learning (2015)

Author: Reynolds, G. 

ISBN: 9781305389830

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