bba 306 marketing management


This course topic includes strategic view of buyer behavior, market segmentation and product positioning, product policy, pricing, distribution, sales force management, and market research.


  1. The objective of this course is to introduce the student to database building, customer relationship marketing, the Principles of Marketing and specifically to the role of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) as currently used to market products and services by business firms.
  2. Marketing is a challenging course which will provide you with the opportunity to examine real life corporations and the existence (or non-existence) of integrated marketing communications strategies within those organizations.
  3. It will be extremely important for students to demonstrate their ability to implement marketing programs which directly motivate a client response, yield measured marketing results, and integrate well into the overall marketing communications mix. Students must also demonstrate their ability to be highly creative and "conceptual" in their marketing strategy.




Managing Customer Experience and Relationships: A Strategic Framework (3th Ed.)

Publisher: Wiley (2016)

Author(s): Peppers, D., Rogers, M., & Kotler, P.

ISBN: 978-1119236252

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