bba 304 computer information systems


This course offers a comprehensive look at information systems development from the initial stage of defining requirements to final evaluation of installed systems. Topics include analysis of user requirements, development of logical system model, and translation of logical systems model into physical system model, testing, and implementation.


  1. Have a solid understanding of current and emergent issues and best practices of using and managing IT, and will learn the key aspects of infrastructure, design, information assets and managing information.
  2. Be able to critically analyze and assess strategic relevance of Information Technologies in diverse organizational contexts and industries.
  3. Be able to apply conceptual frameworks discussed in class to real-life cases involving managerial decisions on how to leverage IT-enabled business opportunities in a networked global economy.
  4. Learn best practices of developing and sustaining high quality working relationships between the IT and business functions, and will learn the ways that organizational data and information is managed to support decision making.
  5. Improve their oral and written communication skills, and also presentation skills.
  6. Enhance their collaborative and team-building skills.




Information Technology for Managers (2th Ed.)

Publisher: Cengage (2016)

Author(s): Reynolds, G.

ISBN: 978-1305389830

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