bba 209 bsiness law


This course covers a legal issues which includes the litigation process, constitutional law, torts, product liability, crimes, contracts, sales and leases, intellectual property, international law, and employment law.


  1. The knowledge of the general overview of business law.
  2. An understanding of the philosophy of law and how ethics plays an important role in this philosophy.
  3. The importance of business ethics in the modern business environment.
  4. A basic understanding of legal reasoning and how this reasoning is used to apply the law to the facts of each legal case or situation.
  5. The ability to recognize the essential elements and requirements of a valid contract.
  6. A practical knowledge of the basic types of business organizations.
  7. A general understanding of important issues relating to real and personal property.
  8. The application of law to intellectual property and technology.
  9. The recognition of integral concepts of employment law.
  10. A general understanding of the concept of liability.




Essentials of Business Law (8th Ed.)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill (2013)

Author(s): Liuzzo, A.

ISBN: 978-0073511856

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