bba 207 human resource management


This course introduces methods for managing the firm’s human resources within the context of regulatory and economic conditions and changing work force demographics.  Topics include recruitment and selection, compensation and reward systems, employee development and appraisal, and information systems for meeting HRM objectives.


  1. Explain what Human Resource Management (HRM) is and how it relates to the management process.
  2. Describe the strategic importance of HRM activities performed in the organizational setting.
  3. Interpret the key principles of the Equal Employment Opportunity laws and regulations that impact employee relations, and discuss how an organization can avoid discrimination and sexual harassment suits through policies and training.
  4. Identify critical human resource issues associated with conducting business in the global environment.
  5. Visualize the components of a human resources planning and forecasting process and be able to explain their importance to the organization, including why computer based human resource planning can be useful to organizations.
  6. Analyze the components of an effective job analysis and design program.
  7. Identify a variety of internal/external recruiting sources and the advantages/disadvantages of each.
  8. Conduct a human resources selection interview that adheres to the EEOC guidelines and results in effective hiring.
  9. Describe the elements of effective appraisal processes, and conduct effective performance appraisals.
  10. Discuss and evaluate performance and motivation plans, including compensation and benefits.
  11. Analyze orientation, training, and development programs to determine the factors that contribute to an effective program.
  12. Compare and contrast the basics of labor relations, including collective bargaining grievance procedures and arbitration.
  13. Analyze and discuss the discipline system and employee reactions to drug-testing and privacy policies.
  14. Recognize the implications of OSHA and other safety, health and wellness issues in the workplace.




Human Resource Management (12th Ed.)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill (2013)

Author(s): Ivancevich, J. & Konopaske, R.

ISBN: 978-0078029127

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