bba 204 management and supervision


This course covers an introduction and overview to the management and supervisions in modern organizations. This includes the history of management, leadership, staffing issues, and policy are a few of the topics explored. This course will also investigate the functions and elements of management and supervision, including motivation, diversity, quality, ethics, and the global environment.


  1. Develop an awareness of the four functions of management.
  2. Understand the changes in leadership style that are necessary to meet the needs of an organization as it evolves.
  3. Develop a basic understanding of decision making by individuals and groups strategic planning, setting attainable objectives, implementation of plans and their evaluation.
  4. Analyze current issues in management ethics, social responsibility and the changing global environment of business.
  5. Understand the motivational issues of individuals and groups that cause conflict in an organization and how to successfully resolve them.




Essentials of Contemporary Management (5th Ed.)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill (2013)

Author(s): Jones, G., George, J.

ISBN: 978-0078029349

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